What Happens When You Fangirl Something and Everybody Loves It.

I want to talk about Yuri!!! on Ice. And I want to make something very clear.

This post isn’t about how awesome it is. Or how we finally have an anime with a realistic gay couple. Or how the animation flounders if Yurio and Viktor are not skating or how groundbreaking it is. Or how beautiful the music is. Or any other accolades the show is getting. Other people have done that, and done it better.

I’m here for a different reason and one that I dread sharing, but share I must.

But first, a little background. Bear with me.

When Free! Iwatobi Swim Club came out in 2013, it took the world by storm. I mean, the test video that KyoAni and Animation DO released back in the day had fans foaming at the mouth. I remember Crunchyroll created a crusade to have the show animated. And when it was official  it was coming to our small screens, Crunchyroll licensed the streaming rights. Oh happy days those were.

But that was nothing compared to when it actually streamed. I discovered and fell in love with so  many voices. Of course I already knew Mamoru Miyano, but the others? Holy cow! I was blown away by all of them. Specially when I watched other shows they were in.

Every week I wanted more of the Iwatobi Swim Club. Their story was captivating, fun, and emotional. All. At. The. Same. Time. I kept telling myself that I wanted 1000 more episodes of them.

This anime was so popular in Japan and abroad, that a second season was green-lit. I was ecstatic. The whole fujoshi world was ecstating. Tumblr was annoyingly ecstatic. We could not wait for the second season.

Free! Eternal Summer did not shine as brightly as the original had. At least for me.

Even two years later, I don’t remember much of the plot. Or the scenes that Tumblr is still squealing itself silly with. I have no desire to rewatch it or buy the super-duper-you-gotta-buy-it release from Funimation.

After my burning desire to have more of Free!,  I was feeling very meh about its sequel. I still loved my ships and the few that caught my attention on Tumblr.

And now I’m afraid the same thing will happen if a second season of Yuri!!! on Ice is green lit. I would prefer if it didn’t happen, but I’m also aware it’s all wishful thinking.

My fear is that it won’t shine like the original did because the stakes and expectations are much higher. I will watch it with the tiny hope that  it won’t suck major balls. I will watch it because I love the original. I will watch it because the feels for them are still there. But mostly, I will watch the second season, because I want to support the creators so more creators give us content like Yuri!!! on Ice.